Paddy Electricity – Football Ability Rate

It’s a massive Saturday of FA Cup 3rd Round football, and you do not want to miss out on this Paddy Ability price tag boost! They’ve increased Chelsea, Leicester and Everton all to acquire in 90 minutes from 6/4 to a somewhat awesome 3/1. Translated into matched betting conditions, this gives us a prospective revenue of £9.46 and here’s how…

Ability Rate Increase

The greatest stake for this ability selling price boost is £20.00.

For a walkthrough of how to lay multiples, be sure to see my laying multiples guideline.

We can work out our underlay stake using my Matched Betting Calculator. We just have to have to open up up the ‘Advanced’ section and click the ‘Underlay’ tab…

As you can see, the calculator tells us that our lay stake should be £21.06…

Place £20.00 on ‘Chelsea, Leicester & Everton all to gain (90 minutes)’ @ 4.00 = Opportunity earnings of £60.00

Lay £21.06 on ‘Chelsea, Leicester & Everton all to win’ @ 3.40 = Prospective legal responsibility of £50.54


Let us have a appear at our income/reduction for the two possible outcomes…

Final result Paddy Ability Exchange Revenue/Decline
Treble wins + £60.00 – £50.54 £9.46 financial gain
Treble loses – £20.00 + £20.00 £0.00

So, if our treble loses, we’ll split even, and there is no hurt completed. Even so, if our treble wins, we’ll make a awesome financial gain of £9.46 on this Paddy Power value improve!

If you choose to lock in a smaller income, you can simply just use the ‘Regular‘ tab on the calculator for a fastened financial gain of £2.68.

* Everton ended up the only team not to gain their tie in 90 minutes, ensuing in crack even on this Paddy Electricity offer you. *