Meticulously Scratch Off The Protection Coating

A player contacted us this week with a dilemma about a “Colossal Crossword” scratch ticket she and her husband experienced checked at a lottery terminal soon after noticing they’d won a prize. They considered they won much more than the volume revealed on the purchaser receipt they obtained, so they reached out to us to talk to about it.

As it turns out, they hadn’t scratched off all the security coating on the ticket, and it led to a miscalculation as they played. I have involved an impression in this article so you can see the particulars.

In the “Your Letters” area at the top rated of the ticket, some of the safety coating is nonetheless in area in different spots, and in distinct, it covers up a portion of the letter highlighted in the red box. At a glance, you might imagine that letter is an “F,” which is what the few considered. The letter basically is a “P,” but a part at the prime is nonetheless less than the ticket’s stability coating.

With the letter “F” the right way taken out of the blend, there are 4 comprehensive terms in Puzzle 3 and three entire phrases in Puzzle 4 for $70 in full winnings on that ticket.

It is a serious-earth instance of the information you have noticed me share lots of occasions here on the web site: Be sure to intently test the final results of your tickets, and if you ever have a dilemma, really feel free of charge to achieve out to us below at the Iowa Lottery. We’ll be happy to assist get you the exact information and facts.